Coco&Honey is the result of an overwhelming love for great food. I've cooked and baked since I was a child, but – apart from a foray into selling

freshly-baked scones to a neighbour aged 10 – I've never considered myself

anything more than a home cook.  However, thanks to a career in food

journalism and quite a few nudges from friends and family, I've decided to present my brownies to chocoholics far and wide. Enjoy!


Only 74% dark chocolate, local free-range eggs and the tastiest ingredients

I can get my hands on go into Coco&Honey brownies. A dedicated food lover myself, I'm very fussy about what I put my name to (fruit is always fresh and salt is always Maldon) and each and every recipe is tested by a

collection of discerning guinea pigs until it's perfect. I truly believe

that quality is key, so you'll never see any corner-cutting here.